Detailed information of MAFB

Dataset summary

TF Name: MAFB Species: Mus musculus
Cell-type/Tissue: Mile Sven 1 (MS1, mouse endothelial cells) Condition/Source: Tissue: pancreas Strain: C57BL/6
JASPAR ID: MA0117.2 Collections: Permissive
References: GEO GSE86788 GSM2308742 GTRD EXP051791 PUBMED 28959057

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Statistical details

Model Peak caller Model ID Enrichment Zone TFBSs Score threshold Centrality p-value (log10)
DAMO MACS MA0117.2 8.5 16 88.2 -7.03916154312519e-07

4 datasets found for the same TF (MAFB) in other cell-types/tissues

TF Name Cell-line Condition/Source Collections Species Identifiers JASPAR ID
MAFB macrophages Maf-DKO Permissive Robust Mus musculus GSE75722 ... MA0117.2
MAFB keratinocytes epidermal_PROLIF Permissive Homo sapiens GSE52953 MA0117.2
MAFB BMDM (bone marrow-derived macrophages) Permissive Robust Mus musculus GSE75722 ... MA0117.2
MAFB pancreatic islets Permissive Robust Homo sapiens ERP004003 MA0117.2