Detailed information of NR4A1

Dataset summary

TF Name: NR4A1 Species: Mus musculus
Cell-type/Tissue: E14TG2A (embryonic stem cells) Condition/Source: 1um Retinoic Acid (RA) for 48hrs
JASPAR ID: MA1112.2 Collections: Permissive
References: GEO GSE65695 GSM1603273 GTRD EXP034563 PUBMED 25923916

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Statistical details

Model Peak caller Model ID Enrichment Zone TFBSs Score threshold Centrality p-value (log10)
DAMO MACS MA1112.2 50.5 47249 81.7 -18.3312837200699

6 datasets found for the same TF (NR4A1) in other cell-types/tissues

TF Name Cell-line Condition/Source Collections Species Identifiers JASPAR ID
NR4A1 RAW 264.7 (Abelson murine leukemia virus-induced tumor-derived macrophages) Treatment: 1 ug/mL Dox for 18 hours Genotype: pINDUCER20b-HA-NUR77 Permissive Robust Mus musculus GSE102393 ... MA1112.2
NR4A1 K562 (myelogenous leukemia) Permissive Homo sapiens ENCSR000DJW MA1112.2
NR4A1 E14TG2A (embryonic stem cells) Permissive Mus musculus GSE65695 ... MA1112.2
NR4A1 T-cells Permissive Mus musculus GSE70417 ... MA1112.2
NR4A1 K562 (myelogenous leukemia) Permissive Homo sapiens ENCSR130PDE MA1112.2
NR4A1 Kasumi-1 (acute myeloblastic leukemia) Permissive Robust Homo sapiens GSE79491 MA1112.2