Detailed information of SOX2

TF summary

TF Name: SOX2 Cell-type/Tissue: BJ
Condition/Source: induced JASPAR ID: MA0143.3
Data source: GEO Identifier: GSE36570

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Statistical details

Model Peak caller Model detail Model ID Enrichment Zone TFBSs Score threshold Centrality p-value (log10)
BEM MACS MA0143.3 143 33032 99.5259 -1.2552575201693
PWM MACS MA0143.3 147 39151 87.9 -5.3097066490236
DNAshaped MACS 4bits MA0143.3 147 38969 0.99938 -5.3365825187294
DNAshaped MACS PSSM MA0143.3 147 38932 0.99945 -5.3050134534309
DNAshaped MACS TFFM MA0143.3 97 21803 0.98568 -0.0168055370079
TFFM MACS MA0143.3 97 20483 0.6298 -5.3761514802727

13 datasets found for the same TF (SOX2) in other cell-types/tissues

TF Name Cell-line Condition/Source Data source Identifier JASPAR ID
SOX2 ESC GEO GSE18292 MA0143.3
SOX2 ESC h9 GEO GSE46837 MA0143.3
SOX2 HCC95 GEO GSE46837 MA0143.3
SOX2 KYSE70 GEO GSE46837 MA0143.3
SOX2 TT GEO GSE46837 MA0143.3
SOX2 RENVM GEO GSE49404 MA0143.3
SOX2 RENVM shsox2 GEO GSE49404 MA0143.3
SOX2 IPSC GEO GSE56567 MA0143.3
SOX2 GLIOMA stem GEO GSE67282 MA0143.3
SOX2 IPSC inhi GEO GSE67282 MA0143.3
SOX2 IPSC kdp53 inhi GEO GSE67282 MA0143.3
SOX2 ESC GEO GSE69479 MA0143.3
SOX2 HNSC GEO GSE69479 MA0143.3